Applied Time Series with R

"Applied Time Series with R is Clear Future's flagship offering. This 3-day course introduces participants to the power of the R programming environment. The first day consists of the popular "R Bootcamp" to introduce participants to the R programming environment. Days 2 and 3 are an applied introduction to time-series modeling and forecasting. Topics include: univariate modeling, non-stationarity, unit roots, forecasting, vector auto-regressions, co-integration, and error correction models. Principal component analysis is also discussed with application for both data analysis and forecasting. Look at our "Events" page for the next scheduled course or arrange an in-house training.

R Bootcamp

"R Bootcamp" is a 1-day introduction into the power of the R programming environment.  Bootcamp introduces participants to R as an object-oriented programming language. R is widely recognized for its graphical capabilities. Participants will work through applied, hands-on examples utilizing the "ggplot" package for visualization. Upon completion of Bootcamp, participants will be able to import data, manipulate matrices and data frames, perform basic operations, and graph data in the "ggplot" package. 

Forecasting with EViews

"Forecasting with EViews" is a 3-day course designed to introduce participants to a wide range of applied time-series forecasting models. Real-world data sets are used throughout the course in a hands-on setting. Participants are given the chance to learn one of the most user-friendly econometric packages available. Topics include: univariate models (ARMA), stationarity and unit root testing, distributed lag models, vector autoregressions, cointegration, principal component analysis, and dealing with forecast uncertainty. In addition, participants will learn best practices around forecast evaluation and the communication of forecast results.

EViews Bootcamp

This popular 1-day course is designed for both the beginner and seasoned EViews user. "EViews Bootcamp" introduces participants to the EViews interface. The morning session is devoted to ensuring participants can navigate EViews, import data from various sources, create graphs and tables that can be exported to external documents, and produce summary statistics from EViews data. The afternoon session dives deeper into data analysis covering the basics of analyzing both cross-section and time-series data. Topics covered include: data transformations, summary statistics, significance tests, hypothesis tests, and how to perform regressions in EViews. "Bootcamp" is a great in-house training option for organizations wanting to quickly and efficiently get staff up and running with EViews. 

Introductory Econometrics with EViews

This 2-day course combines CF's popular "EViews Bootcamp" with a second day of applied econometric training. "Bootcamp" will introduce participants to the EViews interface and cover the basics of importing data and performing best practices in data analysis. Day two offers an applied, hands on introduction to basic econometric theory. Participants will learn foundational theory behind the Ordinary Least Squares estimator(OLS), how to estimate econometric models, and evaluate results. The course will introduce participants to both cross-section and time-series models. Numerous real-world examples are used throughout the course reinforcing concepts along the way. This course is designed for both those with no prior econometric coursework, as well as those with a basic to intermediate background in statistics and regression theory. 

Custom Training

Clear Future can create a custom training offering based on the needs of your organization. Let us collaborate with you to design a course that fits the needs of your diverse workforce. Get in touch with CF and let’s get started.