Clear Future understands the complexity of international energy markets and the importance they play in the global economy. However, we believe these markets are not well understood.  Our courses in energy economics and markets are an applied introduction to the underlying economic theory and differing market structures that drive various energy markets globally.

Courses blend both theory and application to better understand oil, gas, coal, electricity, and renewable energy markets.

Topics include:

  • Supply and demand fundamentals

  • Market structure,

  • Futures markets

  • Environmental issues

  • Energy policy and regulation

  • Energy conservation

We designed the curriculum for those directly involved in the energy sector as well as researchers and professionals in related commodity markets. Specifically, professionals in the fields of exploration and development, investment management and research, government and public sector, consulting, energy trading, and environmental policy will gain valuable knowledge and insights into what drives global energy markets. 

The energy economics and markets course can be extended to a full-week offering that includes 2 days focused exclusively on energy data, modeling, and forecasting. Topics include: statistical analysis of energy prices, an introduction to regression models and forecasting, and common modeling approaches specific to various energy markets. We can provide this training in either EViews software or the R software environment. This week-long course is an excellent way to onboard new employees in a dedicated, small-group setting and introduce them to some of the most widely used data analysis tools available.