Clear Future offers a highly specialized level of EViews training. We combine econometric theory with direct experience learning the EViews statistical platform. This paired approach allows you to apply theory immediately to your data. Whether you are new to the field of econometrics or looking for further specialization, Clear Future has a solution to meet those needs. We offer support ranging from 2 hours to multiple days. This system of learning has 10 years of proven success in both academic and professional settings.

An example of courses taught include:

  • Forecasting with EViews

  • EViews Bootcamp

  • Introductory Econometrics with EViews

  • Commodity Price Analysis and Forecasting

  • Macroeconomic Modeling and Forecasting

  • Retail Sales Forecasting

  • Real Estate and Home Price Forecasting

We have the ability to customize courses to meet your specific needs.