Clear Future has broad expertise in developing and implementing forecasting models. We take a rigorous, empirical approach to developing econometric models. We work closely alongside our clients to fully understand the data needs as well as ensuring transparency throughout the modeling process. Forecasting models are only as good as the data and expertise that go into them and that is something Clear Future values above all. Examples of our forecasting work include:

  • Crude oil price forecasts informing revenue projections for a U.S. pipeline services company.
  • State economic and revenue projections used to inform state budgeting process.
  • Retails sales forecasts for global retail chain with over $350 million dollars in revenue. 
  • Quarterly U.S. home price forecast used to support mortgage-back trading desk with $180 billion AUM.
  • County-level employment projections informing regional transportation modeling efforts.
  • U.S. GDP, employment, and inflation forecasts submitted to Philadelphia Federal Reserve Bank's Livingston Survey.