Clear Future offers both introductory and applied forecasting curriculum to meet the needs of our clients. We understand that not every organization is in a position, or has the technical capability to implement a disciplined forecasting process. CFC offers a one-day, non-technical course as an introduction to forecasting to help advise organizations on the types of models available and the necessary technical proficiencies. This one-day course introduces participants to the theory of forecasting and considerations one must consider when implementing forecasting models. It also covers the types of models available and best practices around forecasting and forecast evaluation. Clear Future is always available to help your organization implement a new forecasting model and process.

For those organizations with existing forecasting models, CFC can on-board new staff and provide additional econometric training to the organization. We work with both EViews and R statistical software and can integrate training that bridges both theory and application. Our applied approach to teaching econometrics and forecasting ensures participants leave the course with the ability to implement a wide range of forecasting models.  We are always available to perform diagnostics on existing models and help migrate to new software platforms.