Clear Future is active in the fields of applied economic research with a focus on commodity prices, their relationship to the global economy, and forecasting. Co-founders Daniel Jerrett and Abdel Zellou have expertise in identifying trends and cycles in commodity prices. They introduced the idea of statistically-defined "Super Cycles" in both metals and energy prices. Jerrett and Zellou developed peer-reviewed techniques that have changed the way Wall Street, industry, and academics think about long-term commodity price behavior. Their papers have been cited in nearly 200 articles related to commodity prices, macroeconomic growth, finance, and real estate.

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 Super Cycles in Real Metals Prices?

Is There Evidence of Super Cycles in Oil Prices?

A simple mineral market model: Can it produce super cycles in prices?

Trends and Super Cycles in Energy and Metals Prices

Broadening the statistical search for metal price super cycles to steel and related metals