Clear Future's expertise in the energy and mineral sectors spans 3 decades. Our combined technical and economic expertise make us a unique interlocutor to assist your organization in handling the ever changing landscape facing the energy and mining sectors. In order to assist your organization, Clear Future offers the services of your in-house economist:

  • On-call to tackle specific issues. It is like having an economist on staff for a fraction of the cost, with the advantage of having an economist exposed to different energy and mining companies and linking the different segments of the mining & energy sectors (upstream, midstream and downstream) in order to assess opportunities and risks in the commodity value chain.

  • Tackle hard topics with the executive team. In this ever changing market environment, the energy and mining companies that are forward looking get ahead of the pack. CFC can assist executive teams in incorporating market information in the decision process.

  • Complement the information from your analysts by providing the organization with an independent and comprehensive view of the market.

  • Broad economic outlooks. Clear Future will provide your organization with macroeconomic insights and analysis specific to your industry.

  • Short term (quarterly, annual), medium term (2-5 years) and long term forecasts of commodity prices, macroeconomic conditions and/or company revenue.

  • CFC gathers information and data for your organization. We will discuss with you your specific needs and deliver the information at your required frequency (weekly, monthly, quarterly) with customized reporting.