Oil & gas is a highly complex industry from a technical, regulatory, and financial stand point. The industry represents more than two-thirds of global energy demand. The technology used in exploration and production of hydrocarbon is only surpassed by the nuclear and space industry. The transportation and marketing of hydrocarbon requires a unique skill set gained with a combination of theory and practice.  

Clear Future has over 3 decades of expertise in oil and gas. We understand there is a need for training in this ever-growing industry and wanted to design curriculum that was accessible to both technical and non-technical professionals. We will address the fundamentals of the oil & gas industry to better understand both the upstream and midstream sector, different royalty systems around the world, resource reporting ,and short and long-term economic outlooks for oil and gas.

Topics include:

  • Reservoir engineering as it relates to petroleum geology

  • Reservoir management and production curves

  • Midstream principles and its relation to transportation and regulation

  • Royalty systems and taxation

  • Reserves and uncertainty

  • Economics of oil and gas

  • Super cycles in commodity prices

This training is suitable for new hires needing a broad understanding of the oil and gas value chain, as well as industry professionals in need of a technical refresher, or those switching business lines. Clear Future offers curriculum of varying length to meet the needs of your organization. Contact us if you are interested in discussing an in-house training or any of our upcoming trainings.